Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Circus themed charity event

This is Flutes outfit with more trimmings
Elephant anyone?
Sam this may be a bit risque for dog walking
Zebra anyone?
Eek pug monkey
I know plenty who would qualify for this outfit
Murphy would be ideal as elephant
Ideal for Roly?
Who is a tiger at heart?

Will wellies go with my kind of outfit?
Perfect for Mila belle or Chubby

We need your help to decide what kind of money raising event we are having this year. The theme is Circus and now we have to decide if it is the nannies only walking the guys as normal in our and their outfits or if we also want a customer day too....let me know and we will aim to set a date.

I have decided on Flutes costume, Tips is going to be transformed into a zebra and as for me I think I'll be a ring mistress!

Sam suggested she might be a trapeze artist and what will Alex be?!

We will be needing help with costumes etc so if anyone is willing to help please shout!

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