Sunday, 15 May 2011

Circus event

Circus event.

Right guys we are getting closer to organising our next charity event.

The petnans Caroline, Sam and Alex are going to do a normal dog walking pet caring day dressed in circus outfits( dogs too) to raise money for The North Air Ambulance Service then we are going to have a weekend get together for our customers to join in with their guys.

So can people let me know if you are interested in coming along...
Would you like the customer get together to be indoors or at a favourite walk( no ponds/streams or rivers as the dogs are in costume lets be safe!)
Who can help with providing costumes for their dogs for the walking day

I am aiming for the second week in July so either the second weekend (9th 10th) or the third (16th 17th).

If you would like refreshments or to use this get together to also grab a pub lunch or other please let me know, perfect for the Petnanny human children too I hope we can outdo last time and raise more than £600 so any help with raising more money will be very gratefully received.

We are a very friendly bunch for those who are yet to join us on a get please don't worry or feel left out, we not only have Petnanny in common we also have some lovely dogs in common and a common love of dogs.

Please note lease check with me first if any other dogs than Petnanny dogs are wanting to join in.

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