Thursday, 14 April 2011


Not for the first time I am sitting by the side of the road with all the windows open enjoying the smells and sounds of outside. The van is lovely when the weather is like this as there is just enough breeze that we are cool and yet we have the comforts. I can here Oscar gently snoring, most of the guys are asleep. Murphy as usual is awake but is lying down occasionally sniffing as a interesting smell wafts through. I love the odd changes of position and groans as they make themselves comfortable.

Charlie and Flute are snuggles up as close as possible to and on Mila and Belle. Willow is asleep cuddled into her pig her tail hanging through the cage door. Hugo is nodding eyes drooping as he watches me watching them. Poppy boxer has now joined in with the snoring, her head resting on the wheel arch, lips all scrunched up and soon I am sure Izzo will be joining them. Phoebe is quiet not ready for sleep and is quietly watching Lola who is now running in her sleep. Truffle Is lying flat not a care in the world.

No cars are passing and I can't hear anything other than birds busy about their business, I need to stay awake even though I feel like a doze too.

So has anyone worked out why I am sitting in the van with lots of sleeping, contented dogs?

Well I am doing a stake out. Waiting for someone to admit defeat. It is taking a while isn't it and it isn't about to happen anytime soon. He isn't making a sound and isn't about to let go just yet. So I wait and listen to the gentle sounds of three dogs snoring.

Whilst I wait I will write our list of final jobs done:
Belle teeth and furminated
Mila furminated
Bob furminated with an inch of his life
Charlielab furminated
Willow grooming training
Oscar anal glands and furminated
Hugo anal glands and furminated
Poppy teeth descaled and furminated
Truff furminated
Poppy furminated and some handstripping
Sirus furminated
Lola furminated
Phoebe nails trimmed teeth checked
Taggart nails trimmed teeth descaled
Molly Mc furminated again
Suzy furminated again
Millypoo furminated
Nanci furminated
Last and most definitely not least Murphy. Furminated feet trimmed and ears done then please be prepared to be amazed ....teeth descaled. I needed a sit down afterwards and Sam had a very flushed look about her. He would lie down but not flat so I could descale him( training project!) so we had to improvise which pretty much meant I had to hold his head still, hold his lips out the way and try to have the power to remove his super strength Tartar. Seriously what I needed was a chisel and hammer despite there only being so much to do!

Still we wait, a car has passed so the snoring momentarily stopped so the guys are dozing, not yet in their deep sleep, maybe they know we are waiting....

What I have noticed is all the dogs must be like us and horses and have a preferred side to chew on as there is always one side with more tartar on. Amazing what you find out.

He is sitting now...progress though small

Two beautiful Bluetits are squabbling life or death squabbles over the best territory or maybe best female?

Moments like this give me the quiet and the time to question...I have noticed many of the tidiest people have the dogs who like to roll in mess this because it is noted more or is it like dogs that like to roll as soon as they have been to the groomers? Those plug in air fresheners make me whoozy, I can't bare them just like the moment you gasp as a lady walks past with too pungent perfume...Now I have a poor sense of smell when it comes to dogs so I often wonder how they cope...noses designed to help them survive, to find food, mates and water. Maybe to them it is like having a busy carpet, wallpaper and lighting.

And so it happens....a little round face is waiting for me now. Slightly worried and pleased to see me.

When a dog chooses to chase a jogger/ horse or in this case a cyclist, ignoring your call you can't just wait till he comes back, you can't reprimand him for coming back. It doesn't matter in this case that he was in the field and that he couldn't have harmed himself or the cyclist, that was just circumstance. He has to have consequences. They know about consequences.

So I left him, locked the gate and waited. Waited till he stopped mooching, sniffing and entertaining himself. Waited until he wanted to come back. Then waited some more. If he doesn't know if I will stay with him is it worth the risk of being left behind? Not for many dogs it isn't. And finally not for him. He wants to be a Petnan dog again and he can now he has sat and waited at the gate where I called him last and has forgotten about those glorious smells, those cyclists or dog walkers on the line. Non of them are important now, no value to him now. He wants me, the van, the dogs and the security that comes with that.

Time for lunch I think! How long before he cuddles in with Esther and falls asleep?

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