Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Smelly list

Not such a long list this time...very smelly though!

Bob teeth and anal glands
Louie Teeth descaled
Esther teeth descaled
Harry Anal glands ( I used to love you nannies)
Jasper Teeth descaled and bum
Beaubeau teeth descaled
Millypoo teeth practise and anal glands
Maddie bum
Pop bum
Roly bum ( dear lord WHAT are you doing woman)
Sophie bum
Fergus bum ( toxic I might add run for the hills)
Montanna bum ( heylp heylp I am being abused haha Montanna is a private girl!)
Mick teeth fine and bum ( move away from the bottom)
Minnie teeth fine and bum fine ( I will eat you if you squeeze that, just so you know)
Harv bum
Mac bum ( poor lad was mortified but very good)

I was even given a bag of maltesers whilst walking needless to say I couldn't eat them until I was scrubbed within an inch of my life!

Clever dogs it isn't a pleasant job for anyone and they were as good as gold.

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