Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More fun with Bonnets

Willow already planning the great escape
Tigger is the bee's knees though he does look like a little old lady.
Lady Zaffira is ready for her unveiling
Formerly known as Goggles!
Whilst Fatlass Ella is hoping you will focus on her bonnet rather than her tummy!

That is what happens when you eat too many Easter Eggs!
I can see our Easter bonnets competition is starting to be fancy dress!
Not just for dogs, Maggie joins in the fun
Molly Mc Peep!
She looks bizarrely at ease wearing a bonnet whilst she grazes!
Elsie Bo
Maggie Mae indeed!

Bobby likes to pretend he is awfully refined when we know he's as mad as the rest of 'em!

Karma has finally caught up on Jasper Beagle!

I think he should wear these whilst we wlalk him, very fetching.

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