Thursday, 7 April 2011

It is a long list

Go on admit it you were expecting a long list of shame didn't you?! Well don't be too disappointed Maddie, Molly Tassels and Nanci managed to work their tickets just enough to be on the hall of shame.

No the real long list is of our major spring clean!

Molly Mc Dolly: Nails and groomed
Elsie: Nails
Bertie and Beau: Nails and Groomed, major tat removal as requested
Elsie and Stan: Nail check and slight trim
Doris: Nails and groom
Belle: Nails, groom and major removal of concrete between toes( they are having building work done!)
Mila: Nails, groom and tat removal between toes
Esther: nail trim
Lola: Nail trim
Charlielab: nail check
Willow: Nail trim and groom training
Murphy: kisses and cuddles only as he is very sore on his raw feet
Truff: Nail trim
Poppy: Face wash, nail trim
Phoebe: Groom Nail trim
Sky: Nail trim bottom wash!
Izzo: Nails
Oscar Hugo: Nail check
Sophie: nails and groom
Tash: nails and groom
Tessa : Nails, groom and vet weighed
Nanci: nails
Harry: groomed and nails
Molly T: groomed and nails
Fergus: groomed and nails
Suzy: groomed and nails
Tag: nails
Pop: groomed and nails
Roly: groomed and nails
Maddie: Nails
Harv: nails
Jack: Nails light groom
Mick: Nails and light groom
Minn: Nails and light groom
Sirus: nails
Tash: Nails and groom

I am so impressed with the no fuss attitude of teh dogs and they loved the primula for being such good on the list is ear cleaning, plucking and teeth descaling so wish us luck for next week or week after. I might even break out the black pudding for that!

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