Monday, 11 April 2011

Inroducing Tips

Snowlief Ghost Rider was one of two pups I could choose from when I went to pick Flute. Unfortunately for me I fell in love with both and as Ghost was very independent at the time I chose Flute. After him coming to stay a couple of times my love for him never altered and when I was given the opportunity to take him I did though I waited as long as I could for Shys sake.
I picked him up on Friday and it is as if Flute and Ghost have never been apart.
Shy and Tumble are very comfortable with him luckily and now it is up to me to train to lanky dogs full of enthusiasm. Wish me luck!
I renamed him Tips as a bit of a homage to my Auntie Ettie's dog.

Flute being his usual gentle self with Ghost underneath
Could you resist that face?

He oozes cheekiness
Haha hurrassing mam

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  1. Fab photos of your two beautiful boys Caroline. They are both stunning and full of character, I am sure they will bring you lots of fun and happiness. Lucky you!! and lucky dogs!!