Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What it all means

What another beautiful day! In someways it has just made me sadder though.

Whilst heading to the van to get the nail trimmers out I spotted an old lady with an even older dog walking the road. Even then I knew there was a lost look about them. The little dogs was clearly exhausted and whilst the lady was walking strongly there was a hesitancy about her. I said hello and said hello to her lovely old boy and realised she was not only lost but very confused.

After a quick chat of which I understood so little I asked her if she wanted a lift home as Twice ( the little old dog) was clearly past the point of walking. She gratefully accepted and as I helped her in the van, shouted at Sam I was disappearing for a while and popped Twice onto her knee. It was then that I noticed Twice's collar and tag, hurrah at least I knew where they lived now. Once we pulled into the street you could tell she knew this was her street and I knew exactly which house was hers without the number.....her door was standing wide open.

One of Sam's favourite adverts is the 'Randoms' sweet advert where they use random words to explain something. This was just how it was with this dear lady. Only the advert is funny and I felt nothing but sadness. We fear losing so much through life yet to lose your very mind( whatever that means) is such a cruel event...I struggled to understand her which must have been very frustrating, I did feel relief at the fact she wasn't frightened.

Once home I checked the house as she headed upstairs to see if everything was ok....Twice delicately hopped up on to his sofa and sighed gladly, pleased to rest. What to do now?! I had thought if we couldn't find her home I could take her to the police station but what now? I couldn't just leave so I started to quietly look for contact details asking her if she had family.

As part of what we do, we see snippets of peoples lives that many never see yet I felt like I was intruding, intruding into her small bit of security she obviously knew her house so how would she feel when I started to go through her things. I made appropriate noises when she talked about the animals outside the window in the big tinkywinkys, tried not to flicker when she said for me to take everything because the old ladies would put their feet up on me. Soon I found a contact for a carer.

So now all I had to do was wait, I made a cup of tea and poured some orange juice out for her then freshened up Twice's water which he immediately enjoyed.

We sat two strangers...I watched as she chatted quietly to Twice, stroked his tired faded fur and started to chat about her life. She said quite clearly she was a bigwig Doctor in university, a bigwig who was very good and really clever. A different time, a very different person then, I doubt she would recognise the woman she is now back then.

The carer arrived and she thanked me and explained there were no family, no links to her past life that there was the Dr and Twice.

We think we need our guys now, I love my guys so deeply yet what I feel doesn't even touch what Twice is to the Dr. She doesn't forget who he is, he doesn't care if she talks to him using random words at random times. He just feels a kind hand, company and the security of someone always there. I thought she was lost when I met her but it nothing compared to how she would be without her little old man Twice.

I hope they stay safe and that Twice remains well and comfortable until the time comes for him to leave.

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  1. oh my word how very sad.....however meeting that lovely dr and twice has somehow enriched your life lizzi