Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Update on Flute and Shy

Rossi and Flute
Flute and Shy sharing snooze time

Having a mooch
Shy holding on best he can with very few teeth!

Shy, despite his late stage heart failure, is doing what the Howlett dogs always do and ignoring any diagnosis's and having a ball. He is loving his trips to the horses the door is always open on the vehicle so he can hop in anytime he needs to rest or feels scared. This means he can mooch, tootle and sniff to his dodgy hearts content. Its wonderful to know he is getting so much from such a simple trip. The past few days he has even asked to go out of our yard and actually go for a walk so walk we have.

An even more exciting event has been Shy's willingness to play with Flute, it is only for a short while and is still tentative but this is a first for Shy he doesn't play with other dogs.

Flute? Well he makes me laugh daily, his recall is coming on a treat obviously I know this is something that will always need work. He loves the cat Tumble and usually alarms every visitor we have by grooming him manically. Why does this alarm people? Flute walks over and grooms tumble so hard he keels over then he grooms his head finishing off by gently holding Tumble in his mouth. All the while Tumble is purring frantically and grabs him if he tries to stop...very funny to watch when you know Tumble isn't in immediate danger!

He is starting to feel his feet or rather the two features that are exclusive to boys....he even growled at Rossi when he went near his bone so I am looking forward to the next chapter of Flutes life( of course I am not looking forward to it they are often a pain in the bum!)...Teenager oh joy! Today he confirmed my prognosis by thieving Esther's brand new muzzle from the front of my van( curse those long legs) and neatly dispatched it.


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