Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Photos uploaded

After having the bright idea of taking Willow out on a walk in my arms for some experience I set off. Now this isn't unusual as all of our part vaccinated pups are taken out to see, smell and hear the sights safely out of harms way. The only thing was I went on a normal walk with Flute and didn't have my haversack to pop her in so was literally carrying her in my arms....Argh after 20minutes I was struggling! By the time I got back to the van 45mins later I was shattered haha.

Never mind it was all worth it as she is becoming less noise sensitive and was impatient to get down rather than cowering away like the last time.

Oh what a hoot the guys were at Waldridge! They were clearly bouncing out of their skins and impressively they were being very good so I decided there was only one thing for it.....A toy ring, a very steep hill and just for fun a load of heather. Oh my word did I have tired pups at the end! All are more than fit enough to cope with this so it was nice to see them completely and utterly spent!

I hope you enjoy the photos

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