Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lost dog

Whilst out on a walk with Julie( Takoda's mum) and Kim ( Mac's mum) my phone droned on mercilessly so despite the dire signal I finally answered to be met with a cheery gentleman exclaiming he had found my dog! My instant reaction was of course to look down and check how many dogs I had. Six, phew. Next I looked internally, as you do, did I lock the van, could Sam have lost a dog?

I then remembered I hadn't asked where, what kind and who it might be. Thoughts of all the possibilities came to mind and I realised some of our guys have my name on the disc as well as their owners not to mention the ones who have no discs on so I pop a red heart Petnanny disc which of course carries my mobile number. The gentleman mentioned it was a border terrier cross Yorkie which confused me even more as I have borders not crosses so wondered if it could be Mitzi a lovely little dog I rehomed but why would she have my number still on her disc!

By now Kim and Julie were just staring at me and the dogs had followed suit. They looked at me trying to decipher my facial expressions of complete confusion to deep though to the slow dawning realisation! I then asked where he was as I had presumed he was near me at Beamish....nope he was miles away and sure enough he had found Tallulah....

Just as I realised he had indeed found Tallulah, her mum was phoning me so the mystery was solved and owner and dog reunited phew minor panic over!

Is your disc up to date, do your guys have a disc on and have you kept your dogs microchip updated? I can't cope with the excitement so please check haha.

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