Saturday, 5 March 2011

Izzy the high performance van!

Well I have been brave and had a performance chip fitted to Izzy and next week Lily will be going in for a chip and new cd player.

I made the decision not to get a new van in spring as I had a project in hand, as it is the project hasn't come off so in the meanwhile Lily is having a spruce up before I make a decision on when to get Sam a different van.

Having the chips fitted will also hold off any extra charges, the diesel is sky rocketting and if hey perform as expected it will go someway to ease some of the costs. I am impressed so far the van is feeling like a car and she is positively cruising!

The field has had a bit of an overhaul with all hands and paws helping on Wednesday, the top fence was needing redoing and the temporary fence at the bottom removed. I am aiming to floor the bottom of the stream in the wood with paving stones so the guys can get to the fresh running water without coming out looking like bog monsters. That is the plan anyway.

We are also hoping to plan some more trees down there it is lovely to see all the creatures taht live there so it will be nice to see more. There are also a couple of the dead trees that over hang on the road that need removing. I would love to have more fun equipment there but it is unfortunately just feeding the thieves...last year our thistle jabber and ragwort fork were pinched so agility equipment would be snatched up in days.

My journey to work has become the dance of the hares with me having to avoid on average two hares a day on the first stretch of road one of the hares was fed by me on the worst days of the snow and he looks to be growing well but his ears are so short! Flute could show him a thing or two when it comes to lugs. I have also noticed a small number of red squirrels on a interlinking bit of woodland just past the hare dance road. Hopefully these young squirrels will do well and link up with the Hallington Ponds group.

I am waiting for Sam and Alex to decide a theme for our next charity dress up theme so that could be fun! Easter is late this year so it gives us plenty of time to plan for our egg rolling event for the guys they loved it last year so it will be lovely to do the same again this year.

Well I am sure to have forgotten something! Ah well a round up of some of the goings on in Petnanny!

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