Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a difference the sun makes.

I am going to say this very quietly I think we are going to have an early spring!


As we walk around you tend to have one eye on the dogs, one eye on where you are going and the other eye checking out all those little interesting little things that make the world of difference. In your minds eye you just know where the dogs are, instinctively know if one has snuck off hunting or not concentrating. So what did I spot today? Lots of buds, catkins hanging off their twigs and fresh green grass pushing past the tired looking standing hay. I like it.

Mind we still have the mud. Nope not gonna focus on mud today I am fired up and ready for spring! So tomorrow with my prediction ringing in your ears I am sure we will wake up to a blanketing of snow.

After seeing seeing so much wildlife during he heavy snow cover all disappeared again once their world had returned to normal. I miss seeing all the creatures, they remind me of the realities of their lives...fighting for their lives. struggling to eat, breed and occasionally having the luxury of playing.

This week seems to have seen a reemergence, could it be spring? Getting ready for all the new life.

Here's hoping they are right and we are leaving winter behind soon I am ready for a change!

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