Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Boy

I started the day thinking 'it will be ideal' What with a busy day and not knowing what time I will get back surely having a tired dog that has had fun all day will be the way to go instead if leaving him at home for the nighbour to let out.

Then I got to thinking what if he felt abandoned. I mean it's not like I have done it before.

He will be fine I am sure, he's gonna to be too busy having fun...running like a dog released, playing for all he is worth.

Breathe, see he won't feel abandoned.

But what if he decides he won't come back? Run after a bird or chase a car? If he runs off will he try and find me or will he just stand there lost? Argh what have I done. Maybe I will just ring and say keep him on the lead.

No stop it! He will be fine, if he chases a bird he will come back to play with the dogs. You told them he may chase a car if let off near a road but they wouldn't let him off near a road anyway!

Right I have established he's not going to feel abandoned, if he chases he is very likely to run straight back. What if he picks a dead animal up and won't come back? If they shout at him he will dance around not allowing anyone to gain a step on him, playing a scary tentative game of dog and handler. Will they remember to crouch down ask him to come then say thank you as he hands the corpse over?

Ooh what to do.

I have time to nip back and pick him up...he can stay in the cage at my parents? Bored and unhappy.

Uh oh it's time to go! It's funny isn't it, that day your boy goes out with the dog walker for the first time. All those thoughts that run through your head, even if it if Flute and he goes out with me everyday and the dog walker is Sam and Alex who know him. Big step you know!

I wait, wait for the text or maybe the phone and I am sure it will say....he's been good/ funny/ naughty and it will all be fine!

Update 4pm.
Of course he didn't miss, of course he was a good boy. So why didn't he miss me humph!

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