Thursday, 10 February 2011

I am officially a lunatic.

This week has been, how can I word this.....challenging! I have enjoyed long days, finishing late and today was clearly going to be no different.

Now the sun I can cope with, even the dogs were feeling the heat whilst out on the walk. All of us just seemed to come alive so much so I actually ran, twice. The walking today has been fantastic, the dogs were so good each group met either people, horses and people or dogs not one put a foot wrong. Hurrah.

Sherleen's new little puppy, Willow, was so much brighter today I can see, all being well, her being a real whirling dervish. To see her acting a little more like a young pup was a relief and long may it last.

So why am I a lunatic? Actually many of you probably won't need that explanation but for those who do I will tell you my journey home.

I pass Callerton on the way home, depending on who I have to drop off, only this time there seemed to be some sort of a commotion ahead. I soon realised there was something holding up the road. The cars were already backing up and it isn't he best road for hold ups with no lighting and lots of tricky bends ( normally I treat it like the transit slalom). Unfortunately I then realised it was loose horses, all wearing very dark rugs and without halters. The horses were being herded by the yard owner but every time they got a hold of one it would dash off without a restraint to stop it. Now I was brought up on Blue Peter( does that explain many of my funny ways?) so I started thinking.....

I had enough lead ropes and leads to make makeshift halter for a herd of rampaging horses so after the fourth attempt to restrain them I decided Nanny had to go help. The faces of the other drivers was classic they were nearly ready to revolt once they saw the usual suspect transit overtake the line of patient cars to stop right in front of the horses. With extra strong mints in hand I handed them to the closest horse catcher then nipped to the back of the van with Izzo waking up with a bit of a start. Once I had enough lead ropes I managed to halter the horses with the horse catchers force feeding mints. One by now had a halter on it and the others now sported Blue Peteresk halters so now it was about getting the wayward equines back on their merry way.

The drivers could see the end of their jam slowly unfolding and let me turn around and off we went a funny little band, transit flashing happily in front, horse catchers and their quarry toddling behind now quietly obedient, mints can have a magical effect on some horses! The cars were now gratefully on their way again with only the cars behind us waiting for an opportunity to pass. I then spotted another horsey lad checking his horses and asked him to join our raggle taggle band herding the cars behind helping to let them past. We had travelled quite someway before the police arrived. He pulled over asked why my horses were on the road!

I have a thing about being blamed for summit I haven't done...I just put it down to the excitement of the moment and the nice policeman presuming I was lacksidaysicle with my horses so I let him have it:

"Why are your horses on the road?" said the policeman
" they aren't my horses I am just helping." said I.
" so what is your name?" he quizzed quite sensibly
" I am Supernanny the Super Hero who sorted this whole mess out" said I with a straight face and not a hint of humility.

" ( very long pause)That's great I will just head off and have a cup of tea then Super Hero as you have everything in hand here!" the policeman said with just a slight smile on his face.
" you better lead the way back to the farm first though" he quipped with a big smile on his face.
As he shook his head and laughed we carried on our sweet way and soon the horses were home safe and sound and I set off home.

Then I started to feel a little hot, then it started to sink in...I had in all seriousness told the policemen, with his blue lights still flashing, that I was not only a super hero but a super hero called Supernanny. I travelled the rest of the way home somewhat subdued, dropping the guys off and then kept an eye out for any passing police car that might be hunting down lunatic driving a white transit.