Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Chase me, chase me!

As you should already know Flute just loves Rossi. When Rossi runs Flute runs desperately trying to keep up oblivious of the fact Rossi kerbs his speed just so lanky legs can at least feel like he is nearly as fast.

Everytime Rossi has a sniff or even a pee Flute follows suit, oh how grateful I am that Rossi is such a steady dog. Don't get me wrong Flute is perfectly capable of making his own decisions, unfortunately they do tend to be wayward ones.

All dogs have their own default settings. Rossi's are to look to Bruce for guidance. Flute's are a little more free flowing....the first time he was let off in a secure( thank goodness for that!) large farmer's field his little legs couldn't carry him fast or far enough. I did all the usual tricks, call in a high pitched voice crouching down, hiding behind a tree or even running like a demented woman in the opposite direction.

Nothing. He was too busy running, feeling the wind in those incredibly unreal ears, breathing in the fresh air and delighting in the feeling of freedom. Whereas I was feeling the sinking feelings that only animals can make you feel( or maybe children?), swinging manically from neurotic owner to sensible Petnanny. Sod Petnanny my new puplet was currently dispatching all my delusional ideas of a perfectly behaved Ibizan, an ambassador of all that is sighthound and is Petnanny. Instead I saw images of Long legs constantly disappearing into the distance with Bruces and many of my customers comments ringing in my ears.

Oh goody, puppyhood is such a delightful time.

So now we are on a strict training regime, always with his default setting in my mind. Most days we walk, just him and I with me chasing him pretending to catch him, his role reversed now being chased rather than him being the chaser.

On the days Bruce and I walk together the boys play, run and rest together hardly breaking stride they are so used to each others moves. As Flute outgrows Rossi he is gaining confidence, goading him to rough and tumble him or chase him. Confidence is such a tentative thing though as soon as Rossi takes him up on the offer Flute panics and runs to the closest human or wall. As soon as he finds his comfort off he goes again shouting at Rossi to chase me chase me!

Oh for a simple life we still have so much to learn from dogs don't we!

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