Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What a start to 2011!

Dogs are very sensitive 'people' they say it's a shame our little wassicks are as numb as numb can be hehe.

There we stood calm, relaxed and ready. There they stood wide eyed, wiggling seething masses of enthusiasm. We decided that we would take them to the field so hey could run off some steam and we could assess how they were feeling. Now just to get them into the field. Our calmness didn't rub off!

With Izzy and Lily parked up door slid open the sounds coming from the van were quite unlike any other...so we waited for some order to descend. A squeak from Maddie, a whine that could only be Sirus and invariably the bellowing noise that is Jasper.

With Latte and Hot chocolate steaming in the cups awaiting to be drunk we started with the steadier guys, Sky the old boy who was so pleased to be mooching without a care the one time he can just please where he goes whilst outside. Tash who's been a bit achey was out like a shot soon snuffling around for treats thrown, Tessa, had had a fright last week so we kept her on the line, made me laugh as she waddled about wagging her short tail and looking for some action. It felt quite strange walking along with cup in hand watching them all greet each other seeing who wanted to run whilst the rest checked out the field gazette.

Next was the rest....

Now I should warn you there is a long list of naughty dogs, like a list of shame! Not unexpected and many of the usual suspects yet I can't help but giggle at them. Who can blame them for bursting out of their skins? Whilst many of their owners will have dragged themselves out of bed all of the guys were primed for action, full of expectation and full of energy.

One at a time we brought one out asked for a sit before entering the field then another before they were allowed to run once in the field.

Only what really happened was an attempt by some to evacuate the van at high speed. Fluff back in the van!

Then we had the can't sit shan't sit. Fluff back in the van.

This was closely followed by the great escape, sitting for a nanosecond before attempting to fy through the air over the gate and run despite having a nanny attachment! Fluff back in the van

Now you can't knock some of them for originality!

The fate of the dogs ensconced in the van? A rather disappointing mooch around the van all alone with no mates and just Nanny....everyone say ahhh.

The infamous Petnanny hall of shame

Sirus the evacuator
Murphy the great escapee
Poppy feral hound can't sit shan't sit
Roly can't sit shan't sit
Mila the great escapee
Truffle the evacuator
Jasper ( health and safety would just faint at the decibel level of Jasper) the can't even get out of van dog
Izzo the can't keep himself out of trouble

Nearly as interesting Sam was the victim of a vicious bramble, blackthorn attack, They impaled her face, tripped her up and grabbed at her at every opportunity. Yet I was in the same gateway! Never mind I dealt with the problem in true Blue Peter style and dispatched said triffids with our trusty Dog nail clippers!

You know I love my job.

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