Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Terrible terrible fright

Well Flute gave me the first terrible fright tonight. He'd been out with me all day so when we stopped at the last drop off I let him have a wee stop and blast at the Little Big Girls. They live on a rather lovely private residence with a lake and swimming pool and something hiding in the hedge.

I new something was in the hedge when the two girls ran over and started to give whatever it was a good seeing to. No noise just lots of diving about. Needless to say this was too much for the Wallaby Whippet so he dashed in and surprisingly grabbed the something.

Izzo and I weren't really taking much notice, however this ignorance only lasted a moment.

Then I nearly fainted as Flute was strutting his stuff with a dead ginger and white cat in his mouth!

I handled it in a very unPetnanny way by screaming at him whilst talking myself through the fact I was going to have try and resuscitate said kitty. Well needless to say not only was this very important prize making WW a little reluctant to come back he certainly wasn't gonna come back to Mad Howlett talking to herself clasping her hands together and looking more than a little manic.

I jumped in my van and drove a little way down the drive, rightly hoping this would make WW think he was being abandoned by me( I may have been manic and mad but I was his manic and mad). He sidled up to me unsure of his reception and handed me a very stiff cat( phew at least it'd been dead a while). I gently took the cat, cuddled WW and let out a scream.


If I get my hands on the Little Big Girls dad he will be wearing his meowing, moving, creepy real fur cat....Why would anyone buy a automaton cat? Not Funny.

Well maybe a little once I recovered from the shock.

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