Sunday, 2 January 2011

Round up of 2010. 2011?

Laura from Chamfron photos ( has just done a 2010 round up so I thought I had better follow suit.

Haven't a clue how to round it up though!

Sam my little star has been a huge support as ever, her enthusiasm is a real delight and the introduction of a once weekly coffee morning has gone a long way to keep that enthusiasm going. Of course we now have the lovely bouncy Alex on board and such a welcome addition she is too. Sam and Alex get on very well and I genuinely think Sam looks forward to their Mondays now.

As for the dogs we are very lucky to be still sharing time with most of our guys with only Vinnie missing though I have no doubt he will be enjoying life with his new lady in his life. Of course my lovely understated boy Buck is no longer with us I am grateful to have had so long with him.
Our pups are nearly all grown up and they are now such a welcome addition to the guys.

Whilst the weather has been difficult at times I am delighted to say we all worked very well together making sure who ever needed to be seen was seen, we even managed to see to dogs that were just missing us! It is hard to believe we even spent some days at the field with the pools out and us practically sunbathing.

Our photo shoot with Laura was as ever great fun and it is lovely to see the guys looking so beautiful...something I definitely want to continue. Our livestock and horse desensitisation has been going well and we will continue with this.

2011 is the 13th year of Petnanny, something I am proud of as we have continued to evolve to meet everyones needs, hopefully.

Our Petnanny cats are all doing well, we lost Pepsi this year an old lady who loved being stroked but woe betide you you didn't stop the instant she wagged her tail! A feisty lady who is certainly missed. I am pleased to report her sister Ellie appears to be coping well since her loss. Vicky scared us by disappearing for the first time, on bonfires night. The relief when we heard she had returned safe and sound, she is such a canny cat and her mums only companion. Just because it wasn't under our care doesn't mean we don't worry if they go out on the tiles for the night!

Sam and I are soon to be doing more training, heading down to train the sealions, which helps to keep our training up to scratch. Training with different species is not only fun, it also stops you from falling into the familiarity trap, allowing you to see training with new eyes and fresh enthusiasm.

Trips to the beach are going to be part of the timetable again and we now have some agility equipment so we will be starting to do some basic agility training with the guys. As soon as the weather improves I am looking forward to getting out with them on the bike again though the skateboard work needs more practise on my behalf, no point teaching the guys to pull us if I can't stay upright!

Inevitably we are going to be hit badly by the diesel price increase, we do have an efficient system but it invariably will increase our costs. I am hoping to offset some of this by buying Sam a newer van and fitting a chip to mine to increase the efficiency.

If there is anything you would like us to offer over and above what we do now please let me know and we will always try.

Well I am sure there is lots I have missed!

Here's to the new adventure, 2011.

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  1. Yes there is something I would like which is over and above what you usually do - it would be nice if you could tidy the house and do the ironing haha - oh you meant with the dogs I suppose??? LOL