Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A post from Sherleen with Charlie

This morning Caroline asked me, "What do you miss about dog walking?", well, where do I start......
Our walks usually start in chaos, as soon as Charlie sees us changing into appropriate walking attire, getting the boots on, getting the bits together that are required, namely, balls, ball launcher, poop bags, and if we're heading to the pond then frisbee is a must, he fast turns in to Tigger on speed, and it never seems to register that the quicker he calms down in to a nice sit, the quicker he gets to go out!!!
As you will have seen on previous blogs, Charlie is known affectionately by Caroline as 'Charlie-crazylegs', and there is a reason for that, he does indeed have the craziest back legs ever, he is so full of enthusiasm when we hit the field, or the track which leads to the pond, that he sets off with such gusto I truly believe he has no idea how to control his legs, and it really is the most amusing sight - I miss seeing those legs flying around as though they have a life which is detached from the rest of his body. I also miss his tail, which wags so hard you'd think his whole back end was going to fall off, he comes running back to you with his ball and he looks so happy, he bounces, wags, and bounces some more, with such a look of delight on his face, I miss that too, along with the energy he puts in to diving in to the ponds, coming out and shaking the water all over us, looking at us expectantly, hoping he's going to get another go, please mam, one more go!!!
I miss that he never seems to tire, if left to him he would play chase all day. I love being out in the fresh air with him, I love the smells, the sounds, and the beauty of our countryside, I love to see the seasons morph from one to the other, I particularly missed the spell of snow that we had, I love nothing better than walking through fresh, untouched snow, throwing snowballs for Charlie, and hearing him bark with glee, and generally the worse the snow, the less people are about, sometimes you feel like you're the only person there, and I love that, just me and my boy having the best time.
The one bit I can still delight in is his return home, his tail still wagging, he gets dried off, has a drink, then flops to the floor, as he sleeps his tail wags periodically as (well I'd like to think...) he dreams about the fun time he's just had, a happy tired dog, I love to see that.
There are many rewards which come from owning a dog, but to me the walking is high up on the list, having been off my feet for long I have missed it, and long for the day that I can back out there with him.

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  1. Ah Sherleen you put into words what many of us just love.....sharing time out walking with our guys.