Saturday, 29 January 2011

Poppy a year on unwanted no more

One year ago today we thought we shouldn't have a dog as we worked long hours. We went to the council dog shelter intending to foster a dog but they had some lovely puppies - on impulse we chose our gorgeous Poppy and brought her home!!!

Poppy's first day home

Meeting Petnanny for the first time

Then spending time with Petnanny Sam

Poppy won 3rd prize for Prettiest Bitch at Scrufts

Poppy meeting Roly for the first time

Christmas at home with her brother Roly

I think she looks happy do you?

This post was thieved off Facebook! Thank you Kim....Poppy and Rolys mum

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  1. Caroline -you thief!! haha. Ohh I remember so well wanting a dog sooo much and Alan, the voice of reason, saying we couldn't have one as they are too tying and it wasn't fair to leave a dog home alone when we were at work. So I was delighted when on impulse at the kennels he said we should get one of the puppies.

    We got home and reality hit us - what would we do with this tiny little pup when we went to work. Even though Alan works shifts there would be a few hours every day when she would have to be left alone. So I rang the office and took a few days holiday whilst we looked at options for puppy care

    A friend recomended Petnanny, saying 'Caroline is very good and what she doesn't know about dogs is not worth knowing' So I checked out Petnanny on the internet and saw glowing reviews so I got in touch with Caroline. Luckily for us she agreed to look after Poppy and our little pup started Petnanny the following week.

    Initially we only intended using Petnanny as a temporary measure but we were so imnpressed by the service and care you and Sam provide at Petnanny, that we decided to use Petnanny on a longer term basis. Of course when we got Roly a few months late he joined Poppy as one of Petnanny's '5 days a week' dogs

    So THANK YOU!! Caroline and Sam for looking after our dogs so well and for all the time and effort you put into making sure they are happy and healthy. It makes our life so much easier, knowing that our dogs are exercised, stimulated and socialised and of course having fun instead of spending time bored in our kitchen when we are at work - You are both stars!! ☆•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨* •☆•*¨* •¸¸¸.•*¨*•