Thursday, 6 January 2011


Don't worry you will still have the hall of shame, could I deprive you of your school reports?!

I saw an amazing thing today, no doubt I will have seen it many times before without even knowing it was happening. Today it was like a neon sign.

Mickey is an opinionated Shih Tzu, I don't mean he's nasty or awful he just knows what he wants, usually how to get it and is happy to share with you how he feels things should work out. He lives with the lovely Minnie who is devoted to him and happy to join in with his world. When we walk them we try to split them up so that Minnie learns to rely on us and herself rather than just Mickey. Mickey has always been a bit grumpy with other dogs as many of them don't know his set of rules they should abide by.

The one time they get to go off together is in our field. Rarely do our dogs have the opportunity to run without having to constantly check in with us, so we use the field for training and to let off steam with few restrictions. This is where it gets interesting.

Take today as an example, We walked Clockwise round the field with the daft guys and true to form Mickey went Anticlockwise with Minnie in tow. We passed like ships in the night, a cursory glance in our direction.

Once we were ready to head back and let the 'get back in the van you little baggage' dogs toilet we called them over and they tootled over or at least they moved towards us Minnie was popped on a leader and then it happened. Mickey started to strutt. Tail stiffly held curled over, pace slightly exaggerated and the look he gave Minnie was very very clear. 'Minnie! Minnie come this way!' Minnie's body changed and she went to follow then remembered she was attached. There was no anxiety on her part luckily she just stood and watched.

As she watched he started to be even more demonstrative. Every action exaggerated. I was surprised non of the other dogs noticed although all the attention from Mickey was directly aimed at Minnie alone. Then when doing all this, and walking in the direction he wanted to travel, and it having non of the desired result he then stopped and looked directly at Sam's face. It was the intensity that amazed me. One last time and then off he took flat our tail up to the other side of the field and started to walk anticlockwise again! We hadn't moved even a muscle, didn't speak.

This is what is so interesting with dogs they are all so different.

Oh and once we had everyone in the van and he ignored the recall he enjoyed some 'him' time on the huffy tree. Needless to say he sat, unmoving, by the tree stump with his back to the van whilst Sam ate her lunch. He was a little unsettled but he certainly wasn't going to show it!

Oh and as for the hall of shame?
Takoda can't sit won't sit
Sirus the evacuator
Izzo the bully can't play nice
Truffle the leave is only a leave when nanny is looking

I do believe the list is getting shorter and we do have a delisted dog. Roly was the Great Escapee on the first try but excelled himself on his spectacular recall so he is officially delisted today.

And as a footnote Tessa the now terrier has a love...Flute!


  1. Poppy and Roly's Mammy8 January 2011 at 02:07

    Love this - how funny are the little shihts haha!!! I can just picture Mickie's face, I can also picture you and Sam when he took offf anti-clockwise hahaha!! But Roly!!!! Wow what a little star!! Good lad for redeeming himself and getting off the naughty list. Also Poppy what a little treasure staying off of the Hall of Shame. They are both trying so hard to be good lately so an odd slip up isn't too bad (is it??? LOL) cos they are still young - don't forget Roly is only 7 months you know!! so he is quite good for his age (I know over-protective Mammy!!! lol) ....And I know I shouldn't find it funny when they are on the
    naughty list, but I do ... Sorry!!!!

  2. That iis so funny Caroline, Mickie and Minnie to a tee!!! Mickie on the naughty tree, hahahaha. He would have been wondering what hit him.

    Its good to know the others can be naughty too. You are both doing a grand job with my two. I've found their recall is getting better every day.