Wednesday, 12 January 2011

After a week at the field last week we have enjoyed walking in the woods and having the start of our routine slotting back into place. We have come back to dogs with new days and a few changes so I thought I would introduce two new guys.

Today we had Phoebe join our guys, she is a liver and white collie bitch who's previous dog walker is now pregnant. She was also having major recall issues and car/tractor chasing so we are going to tackle these problems. With this in mind we went to the field so we could get to know her and see how she behaves.

Then we have Alfie. Alfie is approximately 5 month old saluki deerhound lurcher who was rescued by Milliedoodles mum. It looks like he is here to stay so has started to come out with Petnanny. Archie, Milliedoodles mum's son's dog are you keeping up, has now moved out of our area so we will see him only when Mum is looking after him.

I am delighted to say Norman is back with his dad getting a new job, great news for them and great news for us as Norman is loved by all.

Sam introducing herself to a very enthusiastic Phoebe
Alfie looking on whilst they all play, Phoebe loves chasing Flute
Somehow Flute had the frisbee, Harvey simply can't believe it!
Harry mid roll, Sky striding out and norman starting to play with Charlie

Phoebe being checked out by Milliedoodle. Norman and Tash giving me their smiley faces!

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