Saturday, 29 January 2011

Poppy a year on unwanted no more

One year ago today we thought we shouldn't have a dog as we worked long hours. We went to the council dog shelter intending to foster a dog but they had some lovely puppies - on impulse we chose our gorgeous Poppy and brought her home!!!

Poppy's first day home

Meeting Petnanny for the first time

Then spending time with Petnanny Sam

Poppy won 3rd prize for Prettiest Bitch at Scrufts

Poppy meeting Roly for the first time

Christmas at home with her brother Roly

I think she looks happy do you?

This post was thieved off Facebook! Thank you Kim....Poppy and Rolys mum

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A post from Sherleen with Charlie

This morning Caroline asked me, "What do you miss about dog walking?", well, where do I start......
Our walks usually start in chaos, as soon as Charlie sees us changing into appropriate walking attire, getting the boots on, getting the bits together that are required, namely, balls, ball launcher, poop bags, and if we're heading to the pond then frisbee is a must, he fast turns in to Tigger on speed, and it never seems to register that the quicker he calms down in to a nice sit, the quicker he gets to go out!!!
As you will have seen on previous blogs, Charlie is known affectionately by Caroline as 'Charlie-crazylegs', and there is a reason for that, he does indeed have the craziest back legs ever, he is so full of enthusiasm when we hit the field, or the track which leads to the pond, that he sets off with such gusto I truly believe he has no idea how to control his legs, and it really is the most amusing sight - I miss seeing those legs flying around as though they have a life which is detached from the rest of his body. I also miss his tail, which wags so hard you'd think his whole back end was going to fall off, he comes running back to you with his ball and he looks so happy, he bounces, wags, and bounces some more, with such a look of delight on his face, I miss that too, along with the energy he puts in to diving in to the ponds, coming out and shaking the water all over us, looking at us expectantly, hoping he's going to get another go, please mam, one more go!!!
I miss that he never seems to tire, if left to him he would play chase all day. I love being out in the fresh air with him, I love the smells, the sounds, and the beauty of our countryside, I love to see the seasons morph from one to the other, I particularly missed the spell of snow that we had, I love nothing better than walking through fresh, untouched snow, throwing snowballs for Charlie, and hearing him bark with glee, and generally the worse the snow, the less people are about, sometimes you feel like you're the only person there, and I love that, just me and my boy having the best time.
The one bit I can still delight in is his return home, his tail still wagging, he gets dried off, has a drink, then flops to the floor, as he sleeps his tail wags periodically as (well I'd like to think...) he dreams about the fun time he's just had, a happy tired dog, I love to see that.
There are many rewards which come from owning a dog, but to me the walking is high up on the list, having been off my feet for long I have missed it, and long for the day that I can back out there with him.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Photos uploaded

I have no idea what I am doing!

Try again

Argh why won't it work. Blast just when I think I am getting the hang of things.....

Right this time!

I've done something that should have's hoping.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I get the feeling they have clicked on

I do try to record many of our walks, just so you can see exactly how much fun your guys are having whilst you work hard.

Then I take photos that are meant to be funny and those you take and are funny without you realising. Then you have those photos....I think the girls are starting to click on, even Belle!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

After a week at the field last week we have enjoyed walking in the woods and having the start of our routine slotting back into place. We have come back to dogs with new days and a few changes so I thought I would introduce two new guys.

Today we had Phoebe join our guys, she is a liver and white collie bitch who's previous dog walker is now pregnant. She was also having major recall issues and car/tractor chasing so we are going to tackle these problems. With this in mind we went to the field so we could get to know her and see how she behaves.

Then we have Alfie. Alfie is approximately 5 month old saluki deerhound lurcher who was rescued by Milliedoodles mum. It looks like he is here to stay so has started to come out with Petnanny. Archie, Milliedoodles mum's son's dog are you keeping up, has now moved out of our area so we will see him only when Mum is looking after him.

I am delighted to say Norman is back with his dad getting a new job, great news for them and great news for us as Norman is loved by all.

Sam introducing herself to a very enthusiastic Phoebe
Alfie looking on whilst they all play, Phoebe loves chasing Flute
Somehow Flute had the frisbee, Harvey simply can't believe it!
Harry mid roll, Sky striding out and norman starting to play with Charlie

Phoebe being checked out by Milliedoodle. Norman and Tash giving me their smiley faces!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Terrible terrible fright

Well Flute gave me the first terrible fright tonight. He'd been out with me all day so when we stopped at the last drop off I let him have a wee stop and blast at the Little Big Girls. They live on a rather lovely private residence with a lake and swimming pool and something hiding in the hedge.

I new something was in the hedge when the two girls ran over and started to give whatever it was a good seeing to. No noise just lots of diving about. Needless to say this was too much for the Wallaby Whippet so he dashed in and surprisingly grabbed the something.

Izzo and I weren't really taking much notice, however this ignorance only lasted a moment.

Then I nearly fainted as Flute was strutting his stuff with a dead ginger and white cat in his mouth!

I handled it in a very unPetnanny way by screaming at him whilst talking myself through the fact I was going to have try and resuscitate said kitty. Well needless to say not only was this very important prize making WW a little reluctant to come back he certainly wasn't gonna come back to Mad Howlett talking to herself clasping her hands together and looking more than a little manic.

I jumped in my van and drove a little way down the drive, rightly hoping this would make WW think he was being abandoned by me( I may have been manic and mad but I was his manic and mad). He sidled up to me unsure of his reception and handed me a very stiff cat( phew at least it'd been dead a while). I gently took the cat, cuddled WW and let out a scream.


If I get my hands on the Little Big Girls dad he will be wearing his meowing, moving, creepy real fur cat....Why would anyone buy a automaton cat? Not Funny.

Well maybe a little once I recovered from the shock.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hall of Fame

So who would be on the hall of fame?

Everyday your guys could be on, just for trying, just for listening and this happens a lot. Be honest would you read a list of good dogs or just scroll through looking to see if yours are on? Or indeed would you go straight to the hall of Shame?!

Everyone of our guys have such good points.

So in time I will share these.

But for now I am enjoying the naughty guys, they are great cos they test you, keep you interested and keep you striving for perfection.

Come on you little rat bags lets go have a bit of fun!


Don't worry you will still have the hall of shame, could I deprive you of your school reports?!

I saw an amazing thing today, no doubt I will have seen it many times before without even knowing it was happening. Today it was like a neon sign.

Mickey is an opinionated Shih Tzu, I don't mean he's nasty or awful he just knows what he wants, usually how to get it and is happy to share with you how he feels things should work out. He lives with the lovely Minnie who is devoted to him and happy to join in with his world. When we walk them we try to split them up so that Minnie learns to rely on us and herself rather than just Mickey. Mickey has always been a bit grumpy with other dogs as many of them don't know his set of rules they should abide by.

The one time they get to go off together is in our field. Rarely do our dogs have the opportunity to run without having to constantly check in with us, so we use the field for training and to let off steam with few restrictions. This is where it gets interesting.

Take today as an example, We walked Clockwise round the field with the daft guys and true to form Mickey went Anticlockwise with Minnie in tow. We passed like ships in the night, a cursory glance in our direction.

Once we were ready to head back and let the 'get back in the van you little baggage' dogs toilet we called them over and they tootled over or at least they moved towards us Minnie was popped on a leader and then it happened. Mickey started to strutt. Tail stiffly held curled over, pace slightly exaggerated and the look he gave Minnie was very very clear. 'Minnie! Minnie come this way!' Minnie's body changed and she went to follow then remembered she was attached. There was no anxiety on her part luckily she just stood and watched.

As she watched he started to be even more demonstrative. Every action exaggerated. I was surprised non of the other dogs noticed although all the attention from Mickey was directly aimed at Minnie alone. Then when doing all this, and walking in the direction he wanted to travel, and it having non of the desired result he then stopped and looked directly at Sam's face. It was the intensity that amazed me. One last time and then off he took flat our tail up to the other side of the field and started to walk anticlockwise again! We hadn't moved even a muscle, didn't speak.

This is what is so interesting with dogs they are all so different.

Oh and once we had everyone in the van and he ignored the recall he enjoyed some 'him' time on the huffy tree. Needless to say he sat, unmoving, by the tree stump with his back to the van whilst Sam ate her lunch. He was a little unsettled but he certainly wasn't going to show it!

Oh and as for the hall of shame?
Takoda can't sit won't sit
Sirus the evacuator
Izzo the bully can't play nice
Truffle the leave is only a leave when nanny is looking

I do believe the list is getting shorter and we do have a delisted dog. Roly was the Great Escapee on the first try but excelled himself on his spectacular recall so he is officially delisted today.

And as a footnote Tessa the now terrier has a love...Flute!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What a start to 2011!

Dogs are very sensitive 'people' they say it's a shame our little wassicks are as numb as numb can be hehe.

There we stood calm, relaxed and ready. There they stood wide eyed, wiggling seething masses of enthusiasm. We decided that we would take them to the field so hey could run off some steam and we could assess how they were feeling. Now just to get them into the field. Our calmness didn't rub off!

With Izzy and Lily parked up door slid open the sounds coming from the van were quite unlike any we waited for some order to descend. A squeak from Maddie, a whine that could only be Sirus and invariably the bellowing noise that is Jasper.

With Latte and Hot chocolate steaming in the cups awaiting to be drunk we started with the steadier guys, Sky the old boy who was so pleased to be mooching without a care the one time he can just please where he goes whilst outside. Tash who's been a bit achey was out like a shot soon snuffling around for treats thrown, Tessa, had had a fright last week so we kept her on the line, made me laugh as she waddled about wagging her short tail and looking for some action. It felt quite strange walking along with cup in hand watching them all greet each other seeing who wanted to run whilst the rest checked out the field gazette.

Next was the rest....

Now I should warn you there is a long list of naughty dogs, like a list of shame! Not unexpected and many of the usual suspects yet I can't help but giggle at them. Who can blame them for bursting out of their skins? Whilst many of their owners will have dragged themselves out of bed all of the guys were primed for action, full of expectation and full of energy.

One at a time we brought one out asked for a sit before entering the field then another before they were allowed to run once in the field.

Only what really happened was an attempt by some to evacuate the van at high speed. Fluff back in the van!

Then we had the can't sit shan't sit. Fluff back in the van.

This was closely followed by the great escape, sitting for a nanosecond before attempting to fy through the air over the gate and run despite having a nanny attachment! Fluff back in the van

Now you can't knock some of them for originality!

The fate of the dogs ensconced in the van? A rather disappointing mooch around the van all alone with no mates and just Nanny....everyone say ahhh.

The infamous Petnanny hall of shame

Sirus the evacuator
Murphy the great escapee
Poppy feral hound can't sit shan't sit
Roly can't sit shan't sit
Mila the great escapee
Truffle the evacuator
Jasper ( health and safety would just faint at the decibel level of Jasper) the can't even get out of van dog
Izzo the can't keep himself out of trouble

Nearly as interesting Sam was the victim of a vicious bramble, blackthorn attack, They impaled her face, tripped her up and grabbed at her at every opportunity. Yet I was in the same gateway! Never mind I dealt with the problem in true Blue Peter style and dispatched said triffids with our trusty Dog nail clippers!

You know I love my job.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Round up of 2010. 2011?

Laura from Chamfron photos ( has just done a 2010 round up so I thought I had better follow suit.

Haven't a clue how to round it up though!

Sam my little star has been a huge support as ever, her enthusiasm is a real delight and the introduction of a once weekly coffee morning has gone a long way to keep that enthusiasm going. Of course we now have the lovely bouncy Alex on board and such a welcome addition she is too. Sam and Alex get on very well and I genuinely think Sam looks forward to their Mondays now.

As for the dogs we are very lucky to be still sharing time with most of our guys with only Vinnie missing though I have no doubt he will be enjoying life with his new lady in his life. Of course my lovely understated boy Buck is no longer with us I am grateful to have had so long with him.
Our pups are nearly all grown up and they are now such a welcome addition to the guys.

Whilst the weather has been difficult at times I am delighted to say we all worked very well together making sure who ever needed to be seen was seen, we even managed to see to dogs that were just missing us! It is hard to believe we even spent some days at the field with the pools out and us practically sunbathing.

Our photo shoot with Laura was as ever great fun and it is lovely to see the guys looking so beautiful...something I definitely want to continue. Our livestock and horse desensitisation has been going well and we will continue with this.

2011 is the 13th year of Petnanny, something I am proud of as we have continued to evolve to meet everyones needs, hopefully.

Our Petnanny cats are all doing well, we lost Pepsi this year an old lady who loved being stroked but woe betide you you didn't stop the instant she wagged her tail! A feisty lady who is certainly missed. I am pleased to report her sister Ellie appears to be coping well since her loss. Vicky scared us by disappearing for the first time, on bonfires night. The relief when we heard she had returned safe and sound, she is such a canny cat and her mums only companion. Just because it wasn't under our care doesn't mean we don't worry if they go out on the tiles for the night!

Sam and I are soon to be doing more training, heading down to train the sealions, which helps to keep our training up to scratch. Training with different species is not only fun, it also stops you from falling into the familiarity trap, allowing you to see training with new eyes and fresh enthusiasm.

Trips to the beach are going to be part of the timetable again and we now have some agility equipment so we will be starting to do some basic agility training with the guys. As soon as the weather improves I am looking forward to getting out with them on the bike again though the skateboard work needs more practise on my behalf, no point teaching the guys to pull us if I can't stay upright!

Inevitably we are going to be hit badly by the diesel price increase, we do have an efficient system but it invariably will increase our costs. I am hoping to offset some of this by buying Sam a newer van and fitting a chip to mine to increase the efficiency.

If there is anything you would like us to offer over and above what we do now please let me know and we will always try.

Well I am sure there is lots I have missed!

Here's to the new adventure, 2011.