Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nearly that time of year

I am not going to talk of Christmas I am going to talk of our time off.

It's the little things you miss. Don't get me wrong I need the break just as Sam will, nice to have a break and come back looking forward to seeing the guys. You notice the little things again rather than the niggles.

I have missed my morning forehead kiss off Sky as he has been off since the bad weather hit. Nothing dramatic I just lean forward and he leans in for a kiss on his forehead. Just a little thing something to always remember. If I leant forward to kiss Murphy I would not only lose my teeth but probably end up with a broken nose, he greets me rather enthusiastically. A big lump or a dog who plonks his bum down then rushes to the van, no matter where I stand he greets me with a great thudding whip on my bum from his tail.

Esther greets the van, I am merely a chauffeur there to transport her to her great escape, of course I am noticed but it is fleeting. Bobby with his great smile lying on his couch, only getting up once the door is open, he tootles out that great chocolate tail signalling his joy. He waits to see where and who he will go in with. A tickle awaits him once he jumps in. Poppy and Truffle are body wigglers, Poppy tries her hardest to keep all feet on the ground and almost apologetic at her barking response to me coming through the door. If their dad is in and we have a catch up Truffle smartly trots into the lounge and takes a seat irritated that we should hold her up. A check of the conditions before she steps outside she can't wait to be in the warmth of the van.

Lola watches me from the back of the sofa, she watches as I round the corner only running to the back door once she knows I have definitely turned the corner. The wiggling, writhing mass of puggleness can barely stay still for long enough to put her collar on. Takoda is a funny one, a typical boxer in many ways, yet her greeting is very restrained, she belts down the stairs then sits straight in front of me poised and quivering. It is almost as if she is saying 'look at how calm and still I am'. On with her collar and we are out the door her stepping in line with me, if she starts to walk ahead she seems almost shocked and walks backwards just desperate not to spoil her chances to come out with us, to run and be 100% dog for the day.

Mila terrifies me. Seriously I am driving up the drive way with nerves taut...waiting for the St Bernard lying in wait. Up she jumps and runs straight at the van, of course in her enthusiasm she wouldn't stop and I know it so it is all down to timing to ensure she doesn't lovehug the side of Izzy the van. I am greeted with an impatient hello she can't wait to be let in. Now Belle is a slow wagger, her tail wags in long sweeping strokes her head lowers and tilted eyes soft and mouth ready to slurp me. She is a bossy madame in many ways but so desperately loyal, she is a deep dog like Buck used to be and I love her for it.

Izzo? Well first we have extract Izzo from his lovely bed, down the lovely marble steps across the heated floor and he likes to pee up against the ornamental box privet then I get a kiss off him. The funny thing about Izzos kisses are he doesn't use tongues, his expression never changes. Now in a partner this would be a bad thing but there is something about kissing Izzo. Trust me you have to try it!

Oscar and Hugo? Their greeting swings from pain to delight. One of them inevitably jumps up sliding their whole weight slowly down your leg all their short nails making contact, thanks you little flat faced you know whats.... in between scratching, whizzing and leaping about they try to give you licky kisses squashing their flat faces into your face as if it was the most important thing they will be doing that day. Will I ever tire of watching them sitting near the front door, Hugos eyes never leaving my face Oscars never leaving the door.

I wonder what Sam will miss...maybe it is time for Sam to do a blog on her guys!

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