Thursday, 18 November 2010

What can I say?

Have you ever known me stuck for words? Mmm doubt you have.

The thing is I just don't now how to say it. I just haven't been able to say.

Tuesday night Buck died.

After fourteen and a half years he is no longer an integral part of my life. He is now with Swift, sharing the field with Molly and Loki.

For once I am not going to tell you all about my boy, who he was and why I loved him. For once it is all about me and Buck. So this weekend I am not Petnanny, the phone won't be answered and I will just be me. I have never wanted my working week to end so badly, to just be home with my guys and no one elses.

Have a lovely weekend with the guys and I will see you as ever next week.


  1. Caroline you must be devastated! Poor you and poor Buck...also poor Shy and the rest of Buck's brothers who will miss him. I'm not going to say all the things about what a wonderful life he had with you - you know all of that without us telling you.

    It always amazes me how you make time for everyone else and thir animals when you have had so much on with your own little family and their health problems. I hope that you feel you were able to spend a little extra time with Buck, and of course now with lovely Shy.

    Your time with your oldies is so precious, I hope you dont feel you weren't there as much as you would have liked to have been due to all your other commitments (our guys!) Please make time for YOU and your own little family and please dont ever feel guilty about putting your own guys first. We are so lucky having such dedicated Petnannies in you and Sam and we do realise and appreciate all of the time energy and commitment you give us and our little treasures

    I know how you are feeling, losing a beloved pet but only you know how it feels to lose Buck - Please take good care of yourself, take some time to remember him just as he was and how happy and contented he was to be part of your life ... and for once think about yourself and let everyone else worry about their own animals for a while

    I am thinking of you and sending you & your guys love and big hugs xxx

  2. so,so, sorry caroline. I feel for you and all your pack.