Tuesday, 30 November 2010

That all familiar sinking feeling

A white and tan skinny butt retreating in the distance....Oh Swiftly dear are you laughing up there on your star( my friend named a star after her for me...I bet it was the brightest star out there and constantly on the move).

Flutey Tutey the lanky streak of devilment came to the horses with me, he is a very useful aid especially when it comes to mucking out...urm nice! Tonight though he had a bit of tottie with him called Roxy... so they were having a great time competing with each other to see who could eat the most and the freshest fastest. This gave me time to feed the girls give HellsBells her medicine and remind Zaffi she may like to drop kick Badgers, foxes and sheepdogs these two were not fair game.

Normally I don't like dogs to eat that much poop but in Lanky lugs he is a grab and run guy so my main priority is to get him to recall...even if that mean I have to let him eat allsorts of unmentionables and get him to bring them back to me. Usually this is socks, knickers and glasses in the house and dead animals and wool outside.

This brings me neatly to the sinking feeling...Recall. It is of course my own fault. I was bemoaning Bruce's dig about Flute being a future recall nightmare and I was determined to prove him wrong for my sake and also Flutes. So when I went for a walk Monday with Roxy and co I showed off a little with his recall for the magical Primula. One whistle and he stopped his snow play, ran as fast as his legs would carry him( it is handy having in build huge paws to act as snowshoes on the end of very long legs) back to his proud mum and uttered the fateful words....Bruce will eat his words what more do I need to do with a recall like that?

Good god slap me now have I learnt nothing in my time with dogs, don't get me wrong I didn't think for one second that I had a perfect recall...it's just I know to not ever brag about something your pup does. This is a sure way for them to prove you wrong, for a very long time.

Anyway getting back to the story, we finished up at the girls and headed up the bank( slowly as the snow was deep) and he spotted the jeep just as I called him. I could practically see him thinking...jeep means the play stops so I will just run straight past the jeep. So in true mummy style( Petnanny brain not only missed a beat I think it was having a nap)I just shouted louder as Roxy and Flute ran through the lovely quiet hamlet where the horses live...he ran into the gardens down the drives and here there and everywhere, stopping occasionally to see if I was chasing him.

Of course I was now shouting quietly, I know I don't know how that is possible but I was, trying not to let everyone know the Petnanny woman's puppy was running amok whilst she ran ungainly through the snow trying to not trample the plants anymore than they had already been. Now anyone who had met Swift would have been all familiar with the retreating skinny butt as she spent more time heading away from me than towards me.

Swifts fault was Flutes downfall...whereas I could never get through to Swift because of rabbits Flute came a cropper because of a rabbit. One of the gardens contained a rabbit hutch with a rabbit snuggly tucked up in bed...he stared and then looked back in amazement just as he was scooped up by a red faced, high stepping( well the snow is deep you know)indignant me. Ha thank you rabbits.

Lesson? Shut your gob, work harder and put him on a lead before the end of a walk. D'oh

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