Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Murphy Mission

We have a new mission!

Some of our dogs definitely need help with desensitising to perceived scary situations so we have a mission to help you guys along.

So Murphy has already learnt to go through, under and over obstacles( just as well he's a little too big to carry over). He now ties up although with a chain leader as he chews anything else.... He copes with all livestock we have shown him so far and we can walk him up and down busy shopping areas. He will be stroked by men now and today was vet day. No seeing a vet just walking him around whilst the were busy, coping with a slippery floor and new people coming and going. Flute doesn't like the vet so he went to meet the girls again. Went in shaking came out wagging!

I look forward to taking the two black lumpadors for some shopping area walks so they can learn to relax and enjoy the attention.

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