Sunday, 28 November 2010

The empty bed

I just keep looking at the empty bed. I never saw it as Bucks bed, it was just a bed on the floor that the unfortunate dog who couldn't fit on the settee had to use as a last resort. Yet it is now the empty bed. Maybe Shy doesn't need to use it as he has the settee to himself as Flute rarely stops still long enough. Yes maybe its that. Yet even when I feed Shy on the floor he won't lie or stand on it.

If I move it is it making a bigger issue of it? Or should I just move it? Maybe I can wash it, again?

Its just a bed. The bed Buck used to lie on.

It visually shows how I feel that bed, not dramatic just a little odd. Just there.

Now I have mentioned it I am going to do something. It can't just sit there. I am going to put it into Flutes cage. Then Flute has a better bed to lie on and Shy doesn't have to skirt around it and I don't have to look at an empty bed.

I am happy looking at the grandad print and the sign above the door, they raise a smile, the long point nose and the dozy look on the greyhounds face riding in the wheelbarrow with the leeks in and the sign that summed Buck up in the latter years.....Agenda for the day: Let the dog out, let the dog in.

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