Thursday, 4 November 2010

Do you like to treat your cat to tuna?

Did you know cats shouldn't be fed tuna?

Surprised? So was I. Well at least years ago I was surprised when my vet had told me NEVER to feed "people" tuna to my cat. I never questioned why, I have this habit of listening to what my vet says much of the time without question so....I never fed either of my cats tuna.

Lately while reading other cat blogs that I follow, Facebook comments and reading various updates on Twitter, I am reading more and more about people serving their cats tuna, for purposes of this blog when I am referring to tuna I am referring to "people" tuna, "human" or "hooman" (if you are an "anipal") tuna, NOT tuna flavored cat food, got it? Good. Now that we are on the same page, STOP FEEDING YOUR CAT PEOPLE TUNA....NOW!


"Cats can develop yellow fat disease from having too much tuna" (from "Yellow fat disease occurs most commonly in young, overweight male and female cats with inappropriate diets." "Yellow fat disease is an inflammation of the fat tissue in the body due to a deficiency of Vitamin E. Dr.Richard Brancato (a Clearwater, Florida veterinarian) says "although it is (tuna) high in protein, tuna lacks sufficient amounts of certain amino acids, mainly taurine, to maintain feline health. There is insufficient calcium to balance the phosphorus; the ratio in canned tuna is 1-to-14.8 This results in bone disease."

From "the most you should do is to use the WATER that is drained off from the can of tuna (not the OIL...for another reason), and drizzle it over their dry cat food once or twice a MONTH. They'll think they died and went to cat heaven...but without the danger".Another vet from said "I've had to treat numerous cats over the years for pretty severe enteritis resulting from eating tuna meat. One of my own babies got so ill from it when someone else left it sitting out on the counter for 5 minutes while he turned his back to take a phone call, that I had to put her on IV fluids for 2 days, in addition to intestinal medications"

"Tuna-FLAVORED food is okay.....Tuna meat.......BAD! How many cats do you know that go swimming in the ocean to catch tuna and eat it as part of their natural diet?"

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Tuna + Cats = NO!!!


  1. Hi what about feeding dogs tinned tuna are there any side effects known?

  2. From what I can gather( I need to speak to my vet) tuna as a treat for a dog shouldn't be a problem. Like most things just feed extras in moderation.

    This is a great website: