Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chocolate Bobster

I am hoping everyone will send loving thoughts to Chocolate Bobby as he either had a fit yesterday or passed out after choking....very traumatic for his owners so they could do with some healing thought sent their way. Glad to report he seems to have recovered and we are now waiting to find out if it is worth having tests done. ( posted on Facebook today)

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      Wasgraham Cuthbert Awww, poor Bobby, glad he's ok, that must have been so scarey, healing thoughts winging their way.........
      6 hours ago · · 1 person ·
    • Lizzi Egan poor bobby.. know what you are all going through,,, our healing thoughts sent your way ..xx
      6 hours ago · ·
    • Kim Leighton Hope Bobby is ok, and it isn't too serious - poor lad x
      5 hours ago · ·
    • Pat Grieve Sending lots of healling thoughts to Bobby and his owners xx
      4 hours ago · ·
    • Justine Wilkie sending good thoughts........x
      4 hours ago · ·

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