Wednesday, 27 October 2010

We are going on a date!

You, Me and Sam are all going on a date!

11th November 2010 after work, meet at the pub and have some grub. The Moorings, Hett Hills Chester le Street DH2 3JU. Meal prices from £5.95 to £24

If you don't want to eat don't and if you do just order what you want when you want and if we say earliest 6.30pm latest 8.30pm for ordering food, if you need our vans for the guys just let us know, heaters will be fired up and at least they will have company!

I really would love you all to come, as many of your family as you want and we can talk dog as much as is humanly possible. There will be entertainment on ( not really though take it form me when we all get together it will be entertaining) you can come in jimjams or evening wear for all I care, just whatever you feel like wearing. Well behaved children welcome and of course Petnanny babies welcome.

Go on you know you want to!

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