Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Excuses excuses

I am sorry the blog entries have been somewhat sparse....

One reason is:

Then there is:

Buck is very content and Shy is doing well considering.

Then there is:

Getting ready for the Kennel Club fair and also keep up with the commissions

Whilst still schooling my young horses.


  1. Member of the Petnanny Appreciation Society7 October 2010 at 08:05

    Oh goodness how busy you are! ..and you havent even included your daft cat, your work with the petnanny dogs and the all the pesterings for advice from the petnanny groupies etc etc etc - I dont know how you manage to fit it all in especially with your new pup - I know how hard that can be!

    We all know how much time, energy and commitment you (& Sam) put into everything you do, so you certainly shouldn't feel you have to make excuses or apologise for not doing the blog, we appreciate ALL that you do and anyone who doesn't should!! Looking after your animals (and ours) is your priority and that is what we love about you both

    Same goes for Sam, she has all her lovely pets to look after and her Grama who has had an op -(what is it with Sam & legs - her animals and Grama all seem to be having leg problems) but she is still there every day to look after our dogs, even when she is poorly and most of us would have taken to our beds, lovely Sam turns up, all pasty-faced but still smiling (she does have a rant now and again which I love as she is such a funny ranter LOL) She also brightens up my day with her funny observations of the world around her! - In true Petnanny style, Sam really goes out of her way to be helpful and my dogs absolutely love her

    Dont ever feel guilty about what you do - you both provide us with way over and above anything we should expect and indeed pay for from the Petnanny service

    So a big THANK YOU from me and my dogs (and I am sure most other customers would echo the sentiment)

  2. Thank you. Sam also manages to fit in her great grandma too!

  3. What a beautiful little dog. I can't imagine anyone would criticise you for enjoying him to the full - they grow up so quickly.
    I agree with the previous blogger that you do so much for us and our dogs it's time you had a bit more time with your animals, and I don't mean Bruce!! xx