Thursday, 21 October 2010

A change is as good as a rest


Now I know this is certainly not a boring job BUT you do get a little bored of the same walks remembering that we do the walk many times more than each individual dog.

So I went back in time....and we have been walking where I walked many many times with my childhood dogs. It is funny how the park is now small whereas it seemed so big when I was younger, then there is the scout hut the corner that seemed so dark and scary now only scares me because it is always slippery! Next is the challenge of keeping the dogs off the farmers fields it is easy when there are fences or a visual barrier. Next is the poop run, why can't people pick up for goodness sake it isn't difficult! Along to the gate, manners are needed here it isn't just the wedgers that can cause chaos by pushing past.

Now is the interesting part, the dogs legs start to weaken with all those delicious smells, so while they absorb the smells I enjoy having a nosey. Next we pass the stables that Mattie luxuriated in all those years, where Ella came when she became mine and where Puzzle spent his whole time letting himself out and going for walkabout. Maybe the pictures that flashed into my mind are like the pictures that must flash into the guys minds eye whilst smelling all that is before them?

Whilst the guys may not enjoy the leader work much the off lead work makes up for any feelings of frustration. Up the bank, I check out the beautiful Charolais cows and wonder when the bulls will be back at the farm( they overwinter at one farm) and whether I knew the cows mothers or father. This time the cows watched back as we walked past and the guys have a nosey before moving off, moving off far easier than when I have to get them past cow pats!

Stopping at the poo bin that is new( and much appreciated) then I laugh at CharlieLab overreacting at the bull sign that is a familiar sight to me. Still we walk up the hill past the houses and then turn past the pub that Puzzle visited when he was on one of his walkabouts, he enjoyed some cider and crisps at the bar when one of the clients thought it would be funny to see a pony enjoying some of the pub delights.

Murphy never flickered as the combine and lorries went past, everyone else trotted along without a flicker with only Charlie feeling anxious. Down thought the cut where I nearly went over the barrier when I went too fast on my bike all those years ago and lived with the scraped knuckles where I misjudged the width of the cut. Past the next bin I pass the newsagents that supplied me with 10p mix ups and the Buster comic through the next cut and head back to what was home.

You get into a rhythm walking along with your hands full of dogs, walking and thinking, talking and cooing to them. Asking Murphy to slow down and Oscar to walk on one side. For Mila to get a wriggle on and Beau to stop sniffing the lampposts!

Every walk means something different to each dog and to me, we all walk the same walk yet we all had different experiences. The one thing I do know is the guys walk was in the present yet mine was straddling two times, past and present and you know I enjoyed it immensely.

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