Thursday, 28 October 2010

Beautiful day!

Urm what am I gonna do when he grows into those ears?
Poppy waiting.....
Truffle that is no way to talk to your nanny!
Ah bless him he is a little bit of an airhead
I only asked you to sit Elsie don't worry!
Honestly Tash you had the last treat
I just love this spot
Autumn is a beautiful month
Me me me
Even Special people need help sometimes
Roly on his infamous pedestal
The jumpy log
Get those back legs working

Elsie loves to make you lok like you are asking for blood


  1. Ooh it looks like you had a lot of fun and I am pleased to see little Roly on his pedestal where he belongs LOL - Poor little Elsie looks terrified she must think it is her turn next to do a balancing act up the tree haha

  2. just love all these pics and dogs..... beautiful landscape for them all to have glad i met caroline knowing that my dog is in such safe and wonderful hands...

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  4. Liz we are also pleased we met Caroline & Sam - I couldn't wish for anyone better to look after my dogs. The dogs all love them and they also put up with a lot from us Petnanny groupies too hehe. Our dogs have the best time with the nannies and their doggie pals and Flute will have a great life with Caroline. It is clear that she is completely besotted with him!! - Hope all your pups have such good homes - it must be reassuring for you to see Flute making such good progress with his new Mammy - he is a stunning boy & a credit to you both xxx