Tuesday, 21 September 2010

There is an imposter in our garden

There is an imposter in our garden

Poppy and Roly were relaxing after a day with Petnanny when Roly decided he wanted to go out into the garden. Poppy wanted to stay inside so off he went on his own to play. Suddenly Poppy sensed something, oooh what could it be!!! She jumped up, front paws over the back of the settee and looked out through the conservatory window. Ohhh she wasn’t happy to see there was a little dog in her garden. How dare it!!! She barked and barked to try to scare the little dog away. By now Roly who was in the garden started to wonder what Poppy was barking at so he scurried back into the house as fast as his little legs would carry him. He started barking as if to say ‘What is it? What is it Poppy? I am here to help scare it away!!’ Both pups ran to the patio doors to see where the little dog was…..but funnily enough it had gone. They ran into the garden to chase away the imposter, they looked high and low but it was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually Poppy came back into the house and lay down, Roly decided that was too boring for him and off he went to explore in the garden again. Suddenly Poppy’s ears pricked up, she could sense something so up she jumped onto the back of the settee – Oh No!! that little dog had come back into her garden. So she started barking again in a ‘Go away little dog! Get out of my garden!’ type of bark. Little Roly again very bravely came to her assistance running back into the house to help her with the scare the impostor away barking, but of course when he got back in the house and looked out of the window, the little dog was nowhere to be seen. Well they weren’t standing for that so they both went out into the garden making it their mission to find that little dog. Where on earth was it? It was there before ‘cos Poppy had seen it and Roly had heard her barking at it so it must have been there. I kept explaining to them ‘Its only Roly!, there is no other dog there!’.. but they wouldn’t believe me! … and so it went on and on and on until I no longer found it funny and got tired of the barking & told them to SHUT UP!!!

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