Monday, 27 September 2010

Nice to see you guys

Ah it was lovely to catch up with Dex and Gus. Gus was so chilled and happy to see everyone and played. I thought Poppy might self combust with excitement and I felt so bad not allowing her to play with her favourite boy.

Dexter was a very good boy, Emma had slightly anxious look on her face, after telling me how good he was I am sure she thought he was just about to make a liar of her! Fergus seemed a little put out when the chief bottom biter was back as Fergus now considers himself the bum biter extraordinaire. In order to strut his stuff he decided to really try it on with Lola and promptly squeezed her bum and in a moment Fergus was reminded to remove any thoughts of tushy tackling whilst she had a tooth in her mouth!

They ran around the stubble field, they found a ball and ran around even more. Truffle put the ball down, they inched closer...Truffle gave them the look calmly picked it up and off the went running and running. Soon some of the dogs drifted off and then the bum chaser started his own game, Dex couldn't even get close enough to Louie to bum bite as Louie is designated rabbit so the more Dex tried to suck some spots the more Louie ran.

Lola and Fergus ran as fast as their little legs could carry them, Lola using her voice in true beagle fashion to speed herself up......Jasper was now in a fix instead of fixating on Louie what to do!? now there was Dexter and Louie what if they were heading in opposite directions? So he had to run harder, faster and more noisily than ever before!

On the next walk thing were a little calmer although Dexter's rather amorous intentions on Archie( he's into blondes of the male variety but we aren't going to hold it against him) did cause a bit of a stir initially! Leia must have enjoyed the feeling of the wet stubble under her feet as she ran and ran, she did eventually need to be on the lead as she was struggling to hear us next to the road at the top of the field. Hugo was quite taken with Emma and every time she chased him he ran for his life before promptly turning in a circle ready for the next game. The first time Emma goosed him was a treat and he became all silly and giddy before gamely trying to manly join in with Izzo, Archie and Dexter playing.

Eeh it so funny watching them all interact with each other!

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