Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Just being a 'mum'

Being a Petnanny seems to change how people see you. There are expectations and people presume all things dog come simply...sheesh if only that were true. My heart still ached when I brought Flute home, the first of eight pups to leave their siblings, family and everything they knew. Just because it has happened for generations and to millions of dogs doesn't make it less gutwrenching for all concerned. Bringing them home and settling them into a routine feels like the first time everytime.

Suddenly simple decisions become massive deals, do you leave him crying, when do you step in to stop the biting and when do you let it go. If they don't eat are you strong enough to hold off waiting for them to feel safe and hungry rather than feeding different foods hoping they will eat.

Yet all these things help to form a bond, help to see the wonder of a little individual forming, changing and evolving. Having a pup gives you a future one you can't presume to have with elderly dogs. What will he like, what will he hate? Whilst the beloved old guys become more pup like in their need for you, you find a pup starts to become less dependent on you.

So right now I am just a 'mum' to two old guys who stole my heart many years ago and still own much of it and to a little slip of a pup who I am yet to really know.

Another thing we can all share....everyone one of us. So next time you sit on the settee with your guy beside you think of all those people you know who are doing exactly the same!

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