Thursday, 16 September 2010


Bruce's attempt at being oblivious of Flutey Tuteys charms is clearly not working
Who's that in my garden?
Exploring his garden on his first day home

Well Flute and I are in a good routine now. Oh what a joy he is! I had forgotten how much fun can be had from the inside of toilet roll or pretty much anything that is lying around..

His current routine is to come out with me in the van of course separated from the guys until he is fully vaccinated. First thing he comes out in his bag whilst I check the girls, they aren't particularly impressed with him it has to said! Then he settles nicely in his crate whilst I do the pick ups then its wee time at mams before he has a nice nap whilst I walk the guys. Then he gets his lunch, which thankfully he now enjoys, then the fun begins, I try and do my computer work whilst watching a rampaging puppy!

After another nap I see to the guys again then off we go again in the van. Once home it is a toilet stop again before a good play with my old guys lying around and Tumble being his usual insane self. He has a kip whilst we eat and I draw then a play in the garden before taking him to bed in his crate. I am pleased he is not waking up at 1am then 4am now he is only asking to go out at 4am. We creep out still asleep and as soon as his feet touch the ground he wees and its back to the bedroom again trying to not open our eyes. Shame it is soon 6am!

Already he is learning new sights and sounds, learning to be left and learning to contol his frustration.

How does he control his frustration? Well he thrashes whatever is in his way, he yowls and he humps. Yup that's right at 7weeks oldhe humps as a displacement behaviour, whenever he feels upset or lonely he grabs his bed and air humps. His nickname is already rumpy pumpy and I am certainly not concerned at his way of coping I am just trying to focus his 'attention' on to a humpy teddy....his particular humpy teddy is a rather fetching leopard with an appropriate bemused expression( or is it shock) on it's face.

Ah the joys of puppyhood. Oh and I may have the only manly sighthound, why? He didn't scream like he was being murdered when he got his first injection!

It is a bit like showing your sons embarrassing photos to his girlfriend isn't it!

And just so you aren't left with that image in your mind here is one of Flute dozing in the sun.

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