Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dog walkers

I have never quite understood why other dog walkers pass negative comments to strangers about other businesses and their practises when there are many different ways to walk a dog( I am not going to go down the skin a cat route!). Takoda's mum was out walking when another dog walker started talking to her. When she said she used Petnanny he quickly said he hated dogs in vans. I often wonder why people dislike dogs in vans. I also genuinely feel there is the right dog walker out there for every dog and human, that is what is so wonderful, so why be unprofessional about another dog walker? Our way definitely wouldn't suit any dog just as walking locally with only their housemates wouldn't suit some dogs.

Surely to pass comment you need to have some knowledge on what you are passing comment on? Maybe individual customers should be able to make their own judgement on what they feel is best for their pet in their current situation? I KNOW each dog walkers customer really feels they have picked the right dog walker and who am I to think they are wrong?

I judge everything I do one what my dogs and my customers want, like and prefer. I am wrong on occasions and will change to suit the moment just as I need to .

So how about anyone who has questions, reservations or opinions comes out, meets us, the guys and the vans( lily and Izzy) speak to our customers about their guys then I am happy for them to comment and to understand why we do what we do.

Be professional, see that competition is healthy and normal, revel in this wonderful job and celebrate our mutual love rather than bitch( excuse the pun) about our differences.

I am proud, Sam is proud and I hope you are all proud or your guys!


  1. Kim Leighton (a very satisfied Petnanny Customer)23 September 2010 at 10:53

    Well that dog walker is enntitled to his opinion, but I wonder whether it is a well informed opinion!! Has he had experience of Petnanny to base his views on? I very much doubt it!! and does he seriously believe the dogs spend a lot of time in the vans??.

    His customers have decided to use him to walk their dogs and hopefully they are happy with the service he provides, but for him to make sweeping statements about not liking dogs in vans - well I would say I'm speechless but that would be a lie - I am blummin annoyed at him.

    A lot of lovely people use Petnanny to look after their dogs and we stay with Petnanny because we are happy with the high quality service and excellent care they provide our dogs! - It offends me when people think we would go off to work without carefully considering how our pets are being cared for.

    True the dogs are collected in a van, but the vans are heated/ventilated and have been adapted to safely transport dogs. Our dogs are then transported with their doggie pals to different exciting places every day. They go to the beach, parks, rivers, countryside walks, woodland walks etc They are not taken to the same boring walks that the dogs with that opinionated dog walker are likely to endure day in day out!

    Our dogs are looked after by highly skilled professional Petnannies - yes NANNIES not dog walkers which is what that opinionated man is!!! and the dedication and care provided by Caroline and Sam is remarkable & second to NONE!

    I know one thing for sure the service provided by Mr Opinionated Dog Walker won't be a patch on the service our dogs get with Petnanny


  2. What I find 'interesting' is why? Why does anyone feel the need to feel there is only their way. I know I am right to do it the way I do and dog walkers also ( those who do a good job) are also right to do it the way they do it.

    I am so pleased I have spoken to the gentleman involved and simply asked him to come out and make an informed decision. I have never heard a single complaint about his dog walking so hopefully after making contact he will feel more open to a more mutually beneficial relationship!

    So that will lead to my next blog, a blog about vans!