Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Washington fields

I headed over to the fields in Washington and bourght out the early guys....Truffle eager to get going, Murphy turning himself inside out as usual, Esther looking around clearly on grub alert, Charlielab staring at the ball, Fergus staring at Charlielab and lastly Hugo.

Now the great thing about fields is you can see far ahead, the bad thing about fields is the dogs can see a far away ahead! Would today be the day for great escapes or would the training stand us in good stead.

We had some major obstacles, a jogging man( why was he running, he wasn't trying to catch anything and no one was chasing him? wierd hehe), lots of rubbish and border collies. I don't no why just border collies, it is just one of those great mysteries!

I was heavily armed....Food check, poo bags check, leads check, line on Esther check, ball and thrower check, squeeky ball CHECK.
Adrenalin was flowing, ready for action.
I asked them to sit, they did
I clipped the leads off, the sat
I told them to go, they most definitely did.

And they ran and the ran.
The jogger speeded up, I raised my arm and squawked 'are you ready?'
And there was a pile up!
Charlielab was at the bottom of the scrum, Truffle and Esther somewhere in the middle, Fergus wiggled out and Murphy Jumped in time to miss them all, as for Hugo he was still trying to catch up, bless!

Truffle say the ball just before Charlie and the chase was on, Who would catch the ball and would the slower dogs use the excitement as an excuse to mug the jogger ( seriously why would you run, just run?)....

Hugo, despite his head start, was last again but was not lacking in enthusiasm, Esther practically did a handstand when she smelt a Mc Donalds bag and I had to rapidly multitask, calling Esther for her lunch at the same time as placing my foot on the captured ball.

Eyes were glistening, jowls were also glistening( I am using artistic license here urgh) Esther snaffled up her reward for ignoring the junk and We prepared for the next throw, Hugo catching up and ready for action. Truffle started her squeaking, Murphy yodelled and Fergus watched his target( Charlies butt), Esther tried her telepathy on me and off they went again chasing the ball, straight past the bored looking Collies and underneath the goal post...

Basking in the glory of six well behaved dogs I chided myself not to let down my guard, we were faced with the ultimate....horse poo, not just normal stale horse poop, fresh steaming and begging for a bit of action. Hugo passed the target, still wired from chasing the ball, phew most likely candidate was past, Murphy didn't even have it on his radar and soon we were past.

Esther was bombarded by lunch then we walked on with less haste to come face to face with a border collie pup. Now this is where I got lucky, the dogs looked up, looked back and flopped in the shade ready for their breather before the fun started again.

Phew who knew what walking at the football fields would throw up!
There is something special about watching a Pug, Great Dane, Lab, springador, westie and staffie all having fun with each other, what a sight haha.

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