Thursday, 5 August 2010

Vans, Murphy and learning

Well the monster truck has gone back and I can't say I am sorry! It is useful having a wedger of a van but we are so used to having everything to hand it has only confirmed that I am not completely over the top to have both vans kitted out with made to measure cages, specialist matting, showers, heaters and blowers, windows and ventilators.....

I have numerous foldable cages, ventlocks for ventilation and put my matting down with bedding but non of the dogs liked the no windows in the wedger hire van, I was worried about keeping everyone cool enough and certainly in Truffle and Murphy they were showing real signs of stress. Truffle was fairly easy to resolve as she just need the security of the lintran cage I had in there( securely fastened by those ratchety type webbing thingies). Once in there she settled lovely and no more anxiety.

Murphy however not only marked his hocks by leaning on the side of the boarded out van( or maybe banging them on the boxed in wheel arch?)I also realised that this huge quivering sparrow of a dog needs the security of his van mates to feel safe. I had dropped some of the guys off, Sam picked up the rest and I only had Murphy to take home and he was past himself. You can know a dog so well yet in unusual situations you can learn more about them. Once I got him home at a snails pace I made sure he was calm and tucked him into his bed with his mate, the huge tiger teddy.

On a positive note Murphy was a superstar today and stole a few hearts on Chester le Street. He is a worrier and has the same fears many small dogs have but packaged in a strong body. He was starting to show signs of bolting again with his mom so I thought rather than let him have a woodland walk with the rest of the guys he would benefit form a walk through the town. If he hadn't done this before and was fearful of people this would be called flooding and great care has to be taken whilst doing this. Murphy has progressed really well and I was confident he would be fine with the people but we had to find out what was making him want to bolt.

Kath already knew it was when someone came up behind so I had planned to test this. We headed down the street and he did watch far more when people were behind but more importantly it was noise sensitivity that was and is the issue. The first telltale sign was him practically taking off when a canary in the pet shop whistled. He stare just long enough for me to reward him for not running and then the girls in the shop started to spoil him. He started to soften and then he went back to his soppy self.

The next clue was when the workman on some scaffolding dropped a tool, fair enough that would frighten anyone but he was at a distance that it shouldn't have even registered. So I took the opportunity, when one of the workmen said he had a english bull terrier who was as soft as Murphy, to ask the workman to throw some tolls back and forth whilst we petted, fussed and gooned with Murph. Well Murph was always a little bog eyed at men but he took a shine to this fella who was just so fun so he started to goof about, enough to be able to start making some noise without him reacting. After a few play sessions with the tools and fussing we ended on a real positive note and we came away feeling very pleased with ourselves.

I am sure it won't be long before the little spuggy morphs into a braver chicken and then who knows he may even become a .....Turkey?!

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