Thursday, 5 August 2010

Two Year celebration

I can barely remember a time without her, Sam has been a Petnanny for two years! It sometimes scares me how much I rely on her and we are fortunate enough to enjoy each others company.

When I started looking for someone I can remember feeling how it was going to be a hopeless case, where do you find someone to put their heart and soul into a 'job' to fit in with my ways, to be loved by the guys, to do as I asked and also have all our customers judging them? Be willing to work in all weathers in all circumstances and to be able to handle all kids of animals.

Sam had done work experience with me and worked in Ireland on a film job when I couldn't go myself, unfortunately she was working fulltime and I had only wanted a parttimer. As time went on and I was struggling I couldn't get past Sam. So in a reckless moment( for me) I phoned my neighbour who was also her uncle and asked if she would leave her comfortable job to come work with me. Needless to say she would only do so to go fulltime also in the full knowledge that she would be taking a substantial wage drop I promised to increase her wage as soon as we were able. Oh what a big leap that was for both of us and definitely the best decision I have made to date.

So two years on I still revel in her care, loyalty and dedication. We laugh over coffee, cry over the dogs, get mad at the vans and shake our heads together at what goes on and long may that last!

Here's hoping there are many more years to come ( I have said she can leave at anytime but if she does she is contracted to still do the dogs with no wage hehe).

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