Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Do you wonder what the person next to you is doing for the rest of the day, whilst sitting in traffic? Or maybe you see someone walking along and wonder who they are and what their life is like?

Well we get to see more than a nano second of people's lives, we get to see their private places (steady on, then again been there and seen that too), share some of the morning regime and more importantly we get to share special moments with the hairy family!

As for the guys routines in a morning we have Nanci watching Jeremy Kyle, Tash lounging on the sofa, CharlieLab usually comes with his lunchbag and sometimes a toilet roll tube, some mornings Pop and Truff are with their dad other times Pop in her cage and Truff loose snuggled in tight to her fleece cover on the settee, how does Poppy manage to wiggle and walk at the same time. Murphy is waiting for me and already yowling, Maddie's mum waits for Sam, Oscar and Hugo are always ready to go and sit impatiently whilst I open the door and tell them to 'go!' to the van. Molly Mc and Elsie have a different routine, they are dropped off early so no sneak into their lives until afternoon.

As for the drop off routine I know what most of them do..........Sleep in complete comfort dreaming of their nighttime cuddles and running with their pals.

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