Monday, 16 August 2010

Skater boy NOT

We all now know I am not a Cowboy and today I also found out I am not a skater boy( or girl) either!

I wanted to teach some of our larger guys to pull. I have bought the proper harnesses used in CaniCross and I borrowed a skateboard as I didn't fancy finding out what it would be like to go over the handlebars on a skooter. Put a dog in the harness and my on the skateboard and you get....
Lots of squeeling, laughing and a happy dog looking at me bemused.
I really thought we would spend much of today getting them used to the scary rattly thing( skateboard) only they didn't care less! So, with Ferns help, we had fun with Bobby first who looked at me as if to say 'hang on a minute you spend your whole time teaching me not to pull and now you want me to pull you'?! I couldn't believe when he finally took up the slack in the line and pulled me a tiny amount, oh he was praised within an inch of his life.
Next was CharlieLab, now I really expected Charles to wimp out as he is young and impressionable...not a bit of it he was a superstar also pulling me a short distance.
Izzo took to it very well although I couldn't get his size harness over his big head haha. I also nearly learnt to fly when he turned around and dove at me to tell me how much fun he though it was!
Belle looked at both of us as if we had turned into aliens, trotted steadily and looked bemused at all the fuss, no hassle at all as far as she was concerned.
Mila didn't get it, too hard having to think of one human in front and one behind but she did enjoy the hugs in the meanwhile.
Lastly was Jasper, now Jasper just loves to pull the bike, so no bother i thought. Foolish me I should know by now Jasper makes his own rules and he preferred to trot delicately along baying all the while with me moving at snails pace, on the plus side I managed at least not to fall on my face and he thought it was all a hoot.

Eeh this Petnanny lark is just soooo boring!

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  1. Poppy & Roly's mammy17 August 2010 at 23:08

    Seems like you had great fun -I can't believe that Sam missed such a great photo opportunity. There are certainly no boring days for the Petnanny dogs. (or the Petnannies)