Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Positive reinforcement

Now I have banged on many times about rewarding good behaviour and Fat dogs so I was delighted to be called the Fat Police on facebook, Marvellous!

As for positive reinforcement I would like to say a well done to Sirus's mum as he is looking very slimline and handsome, his basic behaviour has improved no end.

Next is Poppy puppy once feral now nearly tamed( not too tamed she has to be true to herself!), I can tell how much work has been put into her training and it is showing.

Charlielab is proving himself to be a star and you can only find that out if you test them and spend time doing things with them a definite case of perfect match between owners and dog.

Mick and Minnie are doing very well and their mum is really pushing herself to wlak them in different situations, to show Mickey what she expects from him.

Murphys mum needs praise for sticking with the big lad and working steadily through his foibles, for a big lad he is a big wimp!

As for the rest of the guys, we do of course have the swats (Tash for instance) who are good on a daily basis. We have the ok's and that is fine cos that is what they are and the 'need to work harder' guys ( sounds like my school report) but you know what that is what makes this job so interesting!

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  1. Oh what clever dogs, hope I grow up to be as good as all them. I want some of that positive reinforcement, cos it sounds good (can you eat it?)