Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Well I am being Lazy and not even gonna bother to see if I have mentioned Roly before on the blog! Roly is a pug/patterdale/ border, brother to Poppy and a hoot! From early on he reacted to Poppy and dogs, barking and huffing as I call it. Huffing is that noise they make usually when heading backwards! It is very easy to think he is just full of it or edgy, when in fact it is usually fear that makes them react. Obviously living with Poppy has helped as he now loves her unfortunately this is limited to being comfortable with Poppy alone.

So as soon as he was able we paired him up with a very quiet dog( Doris) until he felt comfortable in her presence before steadily increasing his circle of 'friends'. Each time we aimed to introduce him to different shapes, sizes and colours always sticking to quiet dogs so he build up his confidence.

This has definitely been the case and he is now ( with us and with appropriate dogs) feeling it is well worth trying to play with his mates! Today we did something a little different, whilst working with the guys in the field( our weekly visit today I am sure they count down the days) we took Roly in our arms and we were delighted to hear him giving us his opinion on being restrained. Progress indeed! So after this we popped him down later with slightly livelier dogs, he went straight to the red dog! Harvey was somewhat bemused at the little mans attention and then looked a little disappointed when Roly, realising not all red dogs are Poppy, then turned away to find who else was there to play with.

It is so nice to see him flourish and to know as Nannys and owners we are working towards the same goal. Clever boy!

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