Thursday, 12 August 2010

‘I am not a cowboy… just so you know’: A Blog about Blogs

I am surprised to find how many people do Blogs! We all know Caroline does and we all eagerly await her daily blogs (yes Caroline we want them DAILY! haha) but the other night after being accused of cheating at Poppy’s training class (we were not cheating, just being creative!!), I discovered that the trainer also keeps a blog which got me thinking, you never know who is writing a blog! Then I thought ‘maybe I should keep a blog’, but after 3 days of exactly the same entries ‘Got up; went to work; came home; walked the dogs; went to bed’ I decided I am waay too boring to do a blog so I will leave blogging to the interesting people.

You do have to be very careful though, as you never know what Caroline is going to put into the blog, she carefully observes the world around her and that is what makes her blog interesting, but it can be a shock to see she has put something on there that was never intended for the blog – So be warned!!! For example she took a photo of a note left by a customer saying ‘Dog in utility room, been a bad dog’ and put it on the blog (I hardly dare leave a note now). Then there was the time I sent Caroline an email and she put it in the blog which made another customer (Sherleen!) think I had been calling her a swot!

Some of the memorable blogs are: The Sit/Stay video; Petnanny’s Got Talent; Ella in her leotard … oh and let’s not forget poor Hugo on the naughty tree! Then there is facebook where Caroline just goes for it and tells owners their dogs are fat!! or she names and shames the naughty ones! but she is also very supportive of owners and praises the dogs when they are good. One of her funniest (not sure it was meant to be funny!) and most random facebook comments appeared on my newsfeed this week. It was Caroline informing a FB friend in what appeared to be all seriousness ‘I am not a cowboy, just so you know’. - Hahaha how many of us have had to explain to someone that we are not a cowboy – It just doesn’t happen that often in the North East of England!!!!! – Keep it up Caroline – we love it!!!

By Kim Leighton

Poppy puppy and Roly Poly's mum


  1. Caroline not a cowboy? Haven't you seen the reins attached to the steering wheel of that van? Scares the hell out of me!!!

  2. No I haven't seen inside the van, but nothing suprises me with Petnanny haha! Posting as anonymous shouldn't be allowed lol. Are you shy?