Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fluid friendships

We see our guys playing with their friends on a day to day basis yet you can't fail to be amazed at how fluid these friendships are. Dogs do tend to have preferences and likes when it comes to the type of dog they will play with and will often rely on old favourites when they want a good ol' play.

What I noticed today was individual dogs choosing new friendships despite having their usual playmates with them. I wonder what makes them to so? One partnership I wouldn't have expected, and certainly they are walked together frequently, was Truffle and Harvey. Both are feisty players not into stylised play, they enjoy a fast and furious playing bout, interspersed with rest and then start again. Both have tempers and both are prone to thinking they are always right!

Another strange combo was Hugo and Esther, then Hugo and Beau. Hugo was the instigator with Beau, Beau seemed somewhat bemused then played along though if you hadn't been concentrating you would never have spotted the game. Beau was standing alongside Hugo, she was gently pushing her face near Hugo who was then play biting her ( I call it thrashing her!). Beau would then move away before moving her face close again. Both were clearly thoroughly enjoying this game. Esther on the other hand was diving about trying to bully Hugo into playing, I was just about to step in to let Esther know to move on when Hugo looked like he was going to tell her to sod off. He ran at her and rammed her before crouching down and waiting for her to come back, this happened over and over again. I wasn't sure whether to stop them as I wasn't one hundred percent sure Hugo wasn't feeling a little threatened until Esther got bored and looked for Tallulah, Hugo then tried everything he could to get her to start playing again.

Maybe dogs are as fickle as we can be and just choose who we want to hang out with on any given day!?

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