Monday, 23 August 2010

Best laid plans

Despite the saying being, don't work with animals or children I find it hard with people in general! Today was Tommy two tones d day with him being vetted to see if he was fit and well ready to go to his new home. Horses are often vetted before sold as you are paying out large sums. Horses are also required to do a job over and above being a pet so vetting helps to decrease the risks when paying dearly for your new dream animal.

So Tommy was going to gone over with a fine tooth comb checking his wind (he definitely had that), eyesight general condition blah de blah. I had it planned to a tee. Pick up the guys early, get them walked at the fields next to the riding school before the vet came to vet TTT let them have a kip then give them another good walk rather than their normal afternoon pee stop.

Armed with a ball and thrower, six eager hounds and a challenge, see if I can get the dogs to ignore the grass cutting tractor...Lola, Truffle, Izzo, Esther, Charlielab and Fergus ran like the wind, back and forth with even Izzo trying to make those little stumpy legs go faster than they ever had before. They all focused on me and the ball and the rest of the world didn't exist. I was so impressed with the no longer luscious Lola, Esther swapped between playing fetch and playing with Nanny and Charlie managed to sit much better than normal.

Next was the steadier guys, taking them out for wees and poos before the vet came, Mila and Belle chasing Tallulah who in turn was chasing Hugo whilst Poppy watched in frustration. The look on their faces when we stayed out just minutes, these guys are used to proper walks non of these mamby pampy waddles around the park.

Once the vetting was finally and painfully over( he failed sob) and the people involved left with tears in their eyes I realised unhappily that I hadn't replaced the raincoat after cleaning out the van. Well I own't be doing that again in a hurry as I was inevitably going to get soaked taking the steady guys out again. What was worse was Sam who had arrived later than me and had more dogs to walk was now comfortable in her warm van with tired happy dogs!

Once out in the rain it is never so bad that is until the dogs start to look as bedraggled as you do, then it becomes a bit of a slog. Tallulah and Hugo were pretty stoical, playing and dashing around making Mila and Belle run in order to keep up with them. Poppy who was on the lead was just focusing on behaving in the hope she would be let off for good behaviour( poor lamb how do you explain she can run free yet?).

Just past the three quarter mark of the walk Hugo decided to do a sit down protest about being out in the rain, only he didn't want to sit down as it was so wet so he stood instead. It took a wee while before he clicked on it was actually further to go back the way he was insisting we went than the way we were going....once this was worked out he set of at a fair rate for a physically challenged pug. The motivation of a dry, heated van is obviously a good one and we arrived at the van grateful for her sanctuary.

Thank good ness for heaters!

Right I am off for a warming coffee and maybe an extra slice of homemade cake after all I ust have burnt off som extra calories.

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